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Illustration, Art Direction, 3D
ROAM is a collaborative anthology created by Tom and Henry Rayment-Pickard, exploring the modern ways that people are engaging  with the past. We hope to unite creatives from different mediums and backgrounds, inspiring cross-discipline collaboration and an injection of new energy to the modern folk movement.

Aiming to celebrate and preserve the modern ways that people are engaging with the past, ROAM profiles creatives from a wide range of backgrounds to offer a more inclusive and cross-disciplinary look at the modern folk movement - particularly in light of the overused ‘folk revival’ moniker that we feel is unreflective of the cultural regeneration happening all across the country. In this first issue, we have thematically linked together a diverse range of artists and creatives who explore everything from sculpture, tattoo, film festivals, foraging, fashion, scavenger hunts, map-making, ceramics, and more. Through this physical medium, we hope to transcend the fleeting nature of social media and provide a physical platform that brings together talented creatives of all mediums and backgrounds - inspiring cross-discipline collaboration, an injection of new energy to the modern folk movement, and show that the folk art world isn’t just stomping old ground. 

We launched this magazine via a successful crowdfunder campaign (successfully reaching our goal after just three days), and celebrated with an event held at All-Hallows-on-the-wall, where we had over 150 attendees and a host of amazing performances from some of the featured artists, as well as raising money for charity. Photos from the event courtesy of James Polley.

Featured in Monocle, Creative Review, and Creative Boom. Available for purchase at MagCulture and Dash the Henge.

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